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Annual Review 2015-16 - All the news from Key Change's journey to Edinburgh and New York, Rattle Snake and Jumping Puddles Online

Annual Review 2014-15 - Reflecting on Jumping Puddles, Key Change & more

Annual Review 2013-14 - Reflecting on Songlines, LGBT Domestic Abuse films & more

Annual Review 2012-13 - Reflecting on A Song To Sing, The Space Between Us & more

Annual Review 2011-12 - Find out more the Swags & Tails tour.

Annual Review 2010-11 - More information on BlueGiro and our other projects in 2010-11.

Annual Review 2009-10 - Reflecting on the Rattle & Roll tour and our other projects.


A Song To Sing Report 2014 - 116 young women and women from minority communities living in the North East told us their stories in the first two phases of our A Song To Sing project, directly informing the play The Space Between Us which tells the story of a shared reality minority communities have in relation to discrimination, prejudice, humiliation, lack of respect and commonalities of culture and religion.  The play exposes the oppressive nature of patriarchy and the need for human rights, respect and equality. During the third phase of the project, we collaborated with 40 women and visual arts to create the multi-media installation Songlines.  The report details our key findings and recommendations and gives a flavour of the project. You can download the full report or executive summary.

Generation XX report 2012 - 166 older women, carers and care workers told us what life is like for them in our Generation XX project, directly informing the play Swags & Tails which shines a light on their experiences. Swags & Tails tells a story of women making a stand against a society and care system that fails the most vulnerable. The report details our key findings and recommendations and gives a flavour of the project. You can download the full report or executive summary.

One in Four report 2011 - One in Four examined and challenged the myths that protect perpetrators of sexual violence and culminated in the creation of BlueGiro a play informed by survivors of sexual violence, professionals and young women from groups around the region. You can download the executive summary of the report here.

Herstory Told Report 2010 - Herstory Told provided an insightful and thought-provoking look into what life is like for women and young women living with with issues including sexual exploitation, losing children to adoption, addiction and homelessness.

Stand 'n' Tan Report 2009 - Stand ‘n’ Tan provided audiences in the North East of England with an eye opening look into the experiences of Maryam, an Iranian woman seeking asylum, as well as the McNulty family who deal with all that life throws at them in the run up to Joanne McNulty’s wedding day.

A Twist of Lemon Report 2008 - The Friends of Dorothy project, which culminated in the hit play A Twist of Lemon provided an eye opening look into the experiences, views and opinions of lesbians in our region.

Mind the Gap/Tonic Report 2007 - The Mind the Gap project, which culminated in the smash hit play Tonic, examined women’s attitudes and experiences relating to mental health and wellbeing and the factors that affect it.

Other Useful Information

Risk and Responsibility

During the BlueGiro tour Open Clasp ran post show workshops acknowledging that women and young women are constantly told how to behave in order to keep safe from sexual violence and rape, and that in some circumatnces it's a woman's responsibility if she's raped. Participants around the region were asked what messages should be given to men and young men to keep women safe. The following are the outcomes:

Get a YES before you UNDRESS! What young women from the Box Youth Project, Sunderland, want men to remember.

Your penis is not in charge of your brain. What women from West End Women & Girls Centre, Newcastle, want men to remember.

If in doubt, do nowt! The messages men and women from Oaktrees, Gateshead, think men and young men should get.

It's not mastermind - Just because "I have started" does not mean "I should finish." Rules for the Boys by women from Riverside Community Project, Newcastle.

You are responsible for your own actions - there are no excuses. What women from Bridge, Chester-le-Street, want men to remember.

In every situation you have a choice. Choose love and respect. What women from Hexham want men to remember.

Be aware of consequences - is it really worth it? The messages men and women at the Safe Newcastle workshop want to send to men.

Critics Pick "a moving, intimate and superbly acted drama about women’s lives in a British prison" New York Times
★★★★ "Exquisite... Singing with an everyday poetry as if the devising process had unlocked a waterfall of creativity" Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
★★★★★ "A touching, empowering work that hits the hat-trick of great script, direction and performance" The Stage
"Open Clasp is truly a treasure of the north east that must be supported and encouraged to become a treasure of the nation" British Theatre Guide
"Open Clasp have the balls, the brains and above all, the sense of humour, to tackle issues in a fresh and beguiling way" Metro
"Open Clasp’s work shows a grass roots radicalism and genuine commitment, coupled with professionalism" British Theatre Guide