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"You told the story amazingly well"

"You told the story amazingly well"

Now into it's final week the BlueGiro tour started with some pretty big aims. Open Clasp didn't just want to produce exciting, challenging theatre, we also wanted to uncover popular myths and opinions that protect people who commit sexual violence. Audiences think we've achieved both aims...

"Having been there, and had it done, you told the story amazingly well. My cheeks were aching from laughing, heart pounding, eyes full of tears, you hit every emotion, it was FANDABBYDOZEY!"

"Extremely provocative and emotionally driven acting delving into subjects others wouldn't consider putting on stage. Successfully sensitive and yet funny as well. Absolutely fabulous! Spellbound and engaged from start to finish!"

"Accessible education on an important and overlooked issue. I loved it all. Every woman must relate some part of their own experience to the content of this play! Wonderful!"

"Really good for young girls to watch. Wish I'd seen it when I was 14!"

"Very powerful. I have never been to a theatre/play before, and I will definately visit again. Very very enjoyable."

"Really inventive, witty, powerful & moving! Excellent! I'm so pleased I came."

"Really got the message across. Has helped my issues I have with my own daughter."

"As a victim of sexual abuse I think [aim to dispel myths] was achieved."

If you've seen BlueGiro please contact us to let us know what you thought of the show.

Critics Pick "a moving, intimate and superbly acted drama about women’s lives in a British prison" New York Times
★★★★ "Exquisite... Singing with an everyday poetry as if the devising process had unlocked a waterfall of creativity" Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
★★★★★ "A touching, empowering work that hits the hat-trick of great script, direction and performance" The Stage
"Open Clasp is truly a treasure of the north east that must be supported and encouraged to become a treasure of the nation" British Theatre Guide
"Open Clasp have the balls, the brains and above all, the sense of humour, to tackle issues in a fresh and beguiling way" Metro
"Open Clasp’s work shows a grass roots radicalism and genuine commitment, coupled with professionalism" British Theatre Guide