Open Clasp are casting for US TOO, a new writing film, written by Julie Tsang and directed by Katja Roberts 

Self-Tape submissions close on Wednesday 11th May 2022, 3pm. Please download the casting info sheet and read all the information below before submitting. 

The Project 

We are looking for an autistic and/or learning disabled actor to perform in a short film titled Us Too. 

Us Too is being created in collaboration with Durham University. Our aim is to create a film that will inform and educate police officers across the UK in response to recent research conducted by the University. Key recommendations from the research included: 

  • “Specialist support for people with learning disabilities when reporting rape/ sexual assault is needed. 
  • Further research is needed to establish how the current focus in the criminal justice system on victim behaviour in cases of rape/sexual assault impacts on case outcomes for people with learning disabilities.” 

Us Too is being made in collaboration with a group of women from the South West of the UK, who have autism and/or a learning disability, and are seeking authentic representation of their identities within this film. 

This new work explores the real-life stories of the women and their experiences.  

The film will be approximately 20 minutes in length and will be directed by Katja Roberts.  

US Too will be used to train police in autumn 2022.

US Too will be presented on screen at a live showcase alongside two other live performances of new writing commissions, on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th June 2022 at West End Women and Girls Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne. It will be used to train police in autumn 2022. 




Early – mid 30s

Please download the Casting Brief by clicking this link:Open Clasp- Casting Call Out for Us Too (1)