Project Description

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“It made me smile and cry and restored faith in common humanity.” Audience feedback

Written by Catrina McHugh MBE
Directed by Laura Lindow

In co-creation with the women from Pause, North East

Lasagna shines a spotlight on the gap in services for women who have had multiple children removed, and it celebrates generosity, community and humanity.

Blue skies, night walks, school gates and a national lockdown. As the world slowed to a stop, two women stop and see each other and the shoes they step in.

“It gives an accurate representation of many women’s experiences…” Collaborator from Pause, North East

Lasagna asks for change, not only in provision, but it demands a system rethink and an end to violence against women and girls. Open Clasp was commissioned to work with women from Pause, North East. Lasagna was created during lockdown specifically to be shared with those involved in the care system.

Thanks to the women who trusted us with their stories. Thanks also to the staff at Pause and Barnardo’s and social workers, current and former.

Cast and Creative Team

Writer: Catrina McHugh MBE

Director: Laura Lindow

Sally: Beth Crame

Jane: Phillippa Wilson

Multi Camera Director and Editor: Katja Roberts

Set Designer: Verity Quinn

Lighting Designer: Sherry Coenen

Composer and Sound Designer: Roma Yagnik

Production/Stage Manager: Rachel Glover

Filmed by Meerkat Films

Production Photographer: Pictures by Bish

Workshop Support Facilitators: Zoe Lambert, Liv Hunt, Viktoria Kay, Jessica Johnson and Carly McConnell