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Regional Tour 2008

A Twist of Lemon

There are currently no updates available for this tour.

Open Clasp's Friends of Dorothy project saw the company working exclusively with lesbians and young lesbians to create a performance piece whose sole focus is on a lesbian experience, and all the diversity that comes with it. Running throughout 2007 and 2008 the project saw series of drama workshops with several lesbian groups across the North East. The groups each created a character, and gave their character a life story, considering the issues and experiences which had shaped her life and how it might change. The resulting play A Twist of Lemon, toured in September 2008.

The following groups directly informed the creation of A Twist of Lemon:

  • Women 4 Women
  • Harts Gables
  • Women's Group in Middlesbrough (brought together by Lesley Duggan LBi Women's Network Officer for Middlesbrough & Just Women)
  • Young Lesbian Group (women from three projects - Tyneside Young Lesbian Project, WEYES & Outpost)
  • Stockton Riverside College (student group)
  • Women attending the LBi Conference.

Butch Jackie wants a holiday, so four women set off to the island of Lesvos. However a lost suitcase, along with a white knuckle ride on the resorts banana boat not only put one woman's back out but results in the women having a major fallout.

Set against the backdrop of adversity A Twist of Lemon highlights the courage, strength and humility of young lesbians and lesbians living in the North East and gives audiences a rare opportunity to witness the stories of a minority that, in the main part, are invisible to the rest of society. Like heterosexuals they fall in and out of love, experience the trials and tribulations of bringing up children, but their lives bare the imprint of a world where they, and their children, experience prejudice and discrimination. It takes time for change, but how slow does this clock have to tick? Open Clasp say its time to wind it up.


"I laughed till my sides ached and was choked to stop tears falling cos it really did bring home to me some issues that I would never have given a second thought to..." Audience member

"This brave piece of theatre not only promotes diversity but also pushes the similarities that all humans can face regardless of gender or sexuality. With the blast of modern music, observed writing and flawless performances, A Twist of Lemon ticks all the right boxes, making it an unmissable piece of theatre. Open Clasp is truly a treasure of the north east that must be supported and encouraged to become a treasure of the nation." British Theatre Guide 2008 (http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/twistlemon-rev.htm)

To create the characters Open Clasp's Friends of Dorothy project saw 48 hours of drama workshops take place with 73 lesbians and young lesbians over two years.

A Twist of Lemon toured for four weeks in 2008, reaching 1501 Audience members and 347 workshop participant through 16 performances and 11 drama workshops.