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Regional Tour 2010

Rattle & Roll

There are currently no updates available for this tour.

From April - December 2009, the Herstory Told Project saw drama workshops looking at issues including sexual exploitation, addiction, homelessness and adoption took place with 57 young women and women who directly informed the creation of Rattle & Roll in the following groups:

  • The GAP Project
  • Youth Voice (Your Homes Newcastle)
  • After Adoption
  • Bridge Women's Education Centre
  • West End Women & Girl's Centre
  • Patchwork Girls
  • The Recovery Project (Sexually Exploited Children's Outreach Service)

Rattle & Roll toured for eight weeks in February and March 2010.


Four women are trying to jump track. A new name, street and settee mean a new start, a way out and a past left behind. However a missing wheelie bin, a broken promise and mother's day throw the women back on familiar ground, but this time they are on a collision course with a runaway train. Set against the backdrop of regeneration and recession, Rattle & Roll is a story about chaos, the order behind it and the strengths of those women trying to survive it.


"A fantastic way of highlighting a lot of issues impacting on women... a great way of getting the message across to lots of people." Audience Member

"Brilliant performances... Thoroughly entertaining." The Journal, 19 Feb 2010

To create the characters, 57 remarkable young women and women took part in 41 two hour drama workshops between April and December 2009.

Rattle & Roll toured for 8 weeks in 2010, reaching 3469 Audience members and 532 workshop participants through 34 performances and 18 workshops/conference presentations.

See the Links page for the Herstory Told evaluation report.