Rattle Snake holds the voices of women from the North East of England who have faced and survived coercive control. One of the survivors has a message for the police this Christmas and has shared the impact the play and the process of working with Open Clasp has been for her.

I’d like the police to think about how stress and alcohol at Christmas can exacerbate domestic abuse. 
There is a giving of presents and the increase of abusive men trying to contact children – they shouldn’t because it’s a family holiday and they feel they’re entitled to but also people give more sympathy on special occasions to let things slide as a sort of excuse. “Oh it must be awful not seeing your kids at Xmas, we can understand that etc. etc.” mentality. It’s the same every other day of the year and those dangers shouldn’t be overlooked just because it’s a holiday season. 
I have no doubt we will have something and we usually have some interaction with the police, guaranteed we have police at Christmas.
Can I also just say how unbelievably proud I am of the whole Rattle Snake process. 
You gave me a voice when mine was taken.
You gave me light in what was a very dark world,
A safe haven to breathe and get my jumbled, sleep depriving thoughts some order.
You gave me purpose when things at time seemed lost,
And you gave me clarity amongst the chaos. 
All women should be able to have freedom to heal.
To help heal our children in a safe environment, without fear of harm or violence.
I will forever be in your debt for giving me those moments that were taken from me. x