Based on real life stories of women from the North East of England who have faced and survived coercive controlling domestic abuse, award-winning play, Rattle Snake, has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese by Diego Teza.

Originally meant to be performed live in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo in 2020, the live productions were impacted by the pandemic. Following the global rise in domestic abuse, the team wanted to produce RattleSnake by whatever means possible. Produced by Moira Produções Artísticas, the production goes live online 29 July ’21 at 7.30pm (11.30pm uk time). Available until 22 August ’21.

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As Open Clasp have used Rattle Snake throughout the pandemic to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to train Durham County Council social services and partners, the brilliant team in Brazil have worked hard to create and produce their production. In 2020 during the pandemic there was a 431 per cent spike in domestic violence cases reported on social media during lockdowns and a two per cent rise in femicides in last year’s first semestre (compared to the same period in 2019), according to the Brazilian Forum on Public Safety. The country ranks fifth in the world on femicide.


Writer: Catrina McHugh MBE

Translation: Diego Teza

Direction: Sérgio Ferrara

Cast: Carol Cezar and Fernanda Heras

Scenography: Nello Marrese

Costumes: Kleber Montanheiro

Lighting: Adriana Ortiz

Visual Programming and Social Media: Maurício Tavares – Inova Brand

Press Office: Rachel Almeida – Racca Comunicação

Production: Letícia Napole and Júlio Luz

Photography and Assistant Director: Enrique Espinosa

Cenotechnician: André Salles

Scenography assistant: Maria Estefânia

Recording and editing: Zoe Filmes

Production: Moira Produções Artísticas

Sponsors: MXM Sistemas and Informatics Services, Top Down Project Consulting, Carelink Consulting in Health and Informatics Systems, Bedois Consultoria and Insurance Brokerage and North to South Insurance Brokerage.