We have never taken for granted the funding we receive from Arts Council England. We are proud to remain part of the portfolio, we feel valued and recognised for the work created by the communities of women we work with, the world class theatre created and the audiences we reach.

Since 1998 we have reached 188,435 people, we have partnered with 203 community groups, grassroots activists, academics and organisations. 40% of our audiences are furthest from the arts. We work with approx. 100 women & girls per year in prison, women seeking asylum, with refugee status and women accessing support services for domestic abuse, addiction, homelessness.

“This has blown my mind really, how we are being creative, so different to what we do in our normal lives. We are learning about ourselves and each other. I’ve never done something like this before, especially as a sex worker.  It’s very rare to find a truly feminist space like this…I felt valued, my stories and experience are valued.”   Co-creator

As an NPO since 2012 we have worked with 100 women & girls per year affected by the criminal justice system and from a diverse range of community settings to co-create 12+ ‘new writing’ productions. Our excellence & quality has brought us global acclaim.

We remain committed to women excluded from society and theatre, evidenced in our history, which holds the hundreds of voices of women we have worked with.

We will continue to gather with women and communities to REFLECT, press RESET and work collectively to REBUILD a future that supports equity. Hundreds of women will co-create theatre to talk to many thousands of women and communities, policy and decision makers.

“It has given me the chance to talk about the issues women face and now as a collective we can support each other… it has opened my eyes more to the struggles women of colour face and made me question things that have happened in my past”. Co-creator


“Open Clasp have supported me in & out of prison and given me a platform to express my opinions, that is just priceless. Workshops are life changing, somewhere within you lies that spark of passion for life and Open Clasp will ignite it. Open Clasp helped me understand women’s rights and stand beside you while you claim them.” Co-creator, HMP Low Newton


“Working with Open Clasp has been, life changing, empowering, and has given me a voice when mine had been taken. I now have hope for the future and a voice and know I am protected for that voice by an amazing company”. Co-creator on Rattle Snake