We are delighted to be showcasing our new production Rupture this year at West End Women and Girls Centre.

Following a private performance of Rupture in HMP Low Newton, we will be opening the showcase to the public with two performances on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June.

Tickets are limited!

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Open Clasp Theatre Company present:


Written by Catrina McHugh MBE
Directed by Rachel Glover
Co-created with the women from HMP Low Newton

There is a code blue. Destiny escapes onto a prison roof.

It’s bonfire night, the country is exploding and so is Destiny.

Created with women from HMP Low Newton, and based on true-life experiences, Rupture is their story about being mothers in prison.

Rupture was made in partnership with NEPACS and Criminal Justice, Social Harm and Inequalities Research Group, Durham University.

Following on from the success of our live tour of Lasagna earlier this year, we are very excited to welcome audiences back to West End Women and Girls Centre, to gather together and see the showcase of our newest show Rupture.



In 2022 we began working with our partners NEPACS and Criminal Justice, Social Harm and Inequalities Research Group, Durham University, to explore the experiences of mothers in prison.

NEPACS is a voluntary sector organisation based in the Northeast of England. It has been delivering services to prisoners and their families since 1882 dedicated to strengthening prisoner family ties between custody and the community.

Dr Kate O’Brien and Dr Hannah King (Criminal Justice, Social Harm and Inequalities Research Group, Durham University) are Co-Directors of the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Programme at Durham University. They are nationally recognised academics working with and researching the experiences of men and women in prison in the UK.

We have worked with a group of mothers in HMP Low Newton to create Rupture, which shares their experience and stories of being mothers in prison.