Bespoke Projects

Our work is in demand regionally and nationally to tackle pressing contemporary problems. We are regularly commissioned to develop and deliver projects which look at specific issues. Please contact us to discuss ideas.

An example of previous work includes Rattle Snake. Coinciding with the change in UK law in 2015 making coercive control in relationships a crime, Rattle Snake was originally commissioned by Durham University and Durham Constabulary, funded by the Durham Police Crime & Victims Commissioner. After a national tour in 2017, a film of Rattle Snake was made to train frontline police officers responding to sexual and domestic violence. To date, Rattle Snake has been used to train over 1,500 officers at Cleveland and Durham Police forces and shown as part of Garda’s training in the Republic of Ireland. In 2021, the Open Clasp team trained over 200 staff online at Durham County Council.

Conferences and Events

Our plays address a wide range of issues and are ideally placed to provide engaging, interesting and effective stimulus performances.

Current issues we can provide stimulus for include; domestic abuse, coercive control, women exiting prison, drugs and alcohol, sexual exploitation, racism (women seeking asylum), dementia,  sexual violence, same sex sexual violence, homelessness and mental health. We also have multi-media work such as Songlines and films such as Love Should Never Be Abusive, Rattle Snake and Key Change. 

Performances and Workshops

Running engaging workshops with groups using drama and theatre techniques to bring about positive change in people’s lives. Workshops can be directly linked to the existing plays or bespoke workshops for your organisation.

Many of our plays are available to be performed as full productions or excerpts – please contact us for details of what is currently available and on tour.

Training Tools

We have developed several theatre-based training materials available now, including Rattle Snake, a captured film of our epic play based on real live stories of women who have faced and survived coercive controlling domestic abuse.

Jumping Puddles Online is a brilliant free online training resource which uses footage, images & sound-bites from our play Jumping Puddles to address homophobic bullying, cyber-bullying and domestic violence. 

Swags and Tails is a DVD training package for care providers to highlight the importance of person centred care which is an engaging and effective training resource for providers of residential care and home care for older people. If you would like a copy, please email

Endorsed by the North East Dementia Alliance:

“A valuable training resource for anyone responsible for the care of older people, this DVD covers difficult issues, including the impact of dementia, sensitively using the innovative approach of a play informed by real people.”

We have more tools and expertise available, please get in touch if you have a question, we would love to hear from you.

Schools, Education and Young People

We have worked with young people in the community, schools, colleges, Pupil Referral Units and universities for over 2 decades. For information on our Education Packs (don’t forget the birds, Key Change and Rattle Snake), information on workshops, Arts Mark or our filmed productions, email

Our Jumping Puddles Online resource can be used directly as a website for young people and is also free to use for teachers and youth workers with downloadable lesson and session plans, film clips, images and sound-bites provided to help (KS3 & 4).