BlueGiro aims to expose the myths that protect perpetrators of sexual violence

Jodie might have that undefinable “something” that makes for star quality, and she’s on the move, and so is mum Evie and neighbours Lisa and Laura. Set against the backdrop of a televised singing competition BlueGiro tells the story of a young woman’s desire to grow and a mother who threatens to stop the show.

The One in Four project consulted with community groups and professionals across the region; each group involved in the project considered sexual violence in today’s society. The title One in Four reflects the number of young women and women affected by sexual violence.

It helped to remind staff that they are working with cases which are about real people, who are deeply affected by their experiences. There is a great temptation to think of our casework in analytical terms, and to lose the human element.

It blew the myths out the water in a very powerful way.

You showed that it can happen to anybody from any background, and more often than we think.