Jumping Puddles Online

Click HERE to access our brilliant free resource which uses footage, images & sound-bites from Jumping Puddles to address homophobic bullying, cyberbullying and domestic violence.

During the tour of our play Jumping Puddles, developed in collaboration with Frantic Assembly in Spring 2015, it became clear that the play and accompanying workshops were great ways to tackle the subjects of homophobic bullying and cyberbullying, through the character of Anna, as well as domestic violence, through the character of Grace.

We, therefore, went about creating a free to use resource which could achieve the same aims. This site is for young people and also provides teachers and youth workers with information and workshop activities they can use in classes and groups.

The resource can be used directly as a website for young people and is also free to use for teachers and youth workers with a downloadable lesson and session plans, film clips, images and sound-bites provided to help (KS3 & 4).