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    International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers: We Remember

    -December 17th, 2023-
  • News from Open Clasp

    NEW Blog: Pure Art and Politics

    -December 15th, 2023-
  • News from Open Clasp

    Laura Lindow Steps Down As Associate Director

    -October 27th, 2023-
  • We’re Casting – New Writing Showcase

  • We’re Casting – New Writing Film

  • Marking the Moment, Open Clasp and Me

  • New Blog: Dark Skies, Day Break and Me

  • Film Collection Launched for 16 Days of Activism

  • Assistant Director Opportunity – Part of the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme.

  • Artistic Opportunities for Writers and Facilitators!

  • #PedalAgainstPatriarchy Summits Reached, More Miles to Go